Stanford university

me 203 - design and manufacturing


Inspired by the sweeping architecture of Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall, I designed and built a sheet metal upright cello stand. The body is made of 5052 aluminum sheet and the inside is lined with foam and blue velvet. I first made a CAD model, then printed a vinyl pattern to cut the basic flat shape out of metal. Then, I folded, rolled, and hammered the each half of the stand into its final form. The outside is finished with glass bead blasting. Four low-profile feet make the stand appear to float.

In this class, I also built a magnifying glass out of raw Delrin, brass, and acrylic. The processes involved included milling, turning, braising, and extensive sanding and polishing. I also sand casted the Stanford seal out of bronze, which was also sanded and polished.