I have experience teaching a broad range of disciplines and learning styles. In addition to the academic experience below, I have tutored music (cello, choir, and music theory) extensively, and have coached student design teams at Stanford.

Teaching assistant for Stanford GSB communication course comprised of primarily MBA/MSx students. Students practice and learn effective oral and written communication techniques and strategies. Main responsibilities included collaborating with teaching team to organize course materials and logistics, assisting teaching team with lectures, and holding office hours to provide students with feedback on presentations and communication skills.




Strategic Communication (GSBGEN 315)

Stanford university graduate school of business

Dr. J.D. Schramm, Stephanie Soler, and Burt Alper

4/2018 – 6/2018

Consumer Analytical Product Design (ME 114)

Stanford university

Professor Erin MacDonald

3/2016 – 6/2016

Head course assistant for senior undergraduate mechanical engineering capstone design course. Students optimized business costs, marketing costs, and manufacturing costs with engineering design specifications to maximize profit. Students optimized and built functional and form prototypes of consumer products related to single-serve coffee makers in a 10 week design cycle. Main responsibilities included grading assignments, holding office hours, answering student questions, and assisting with course logistics as needed.

Dylan provided invaluable guidance on the engineering and design aspect of our project. Early in the design phase we ran into several issues, and his insight and advice was very helpful in leading us down the right path. He really helped us in dealing with the “real world” issues in design [missing from] our mathematical modeling.
— ME 114 Student, 2016

Sense & Sensibility & Science (L&S 22)

UC Berkeley

Professors Saul Perlmitter, Rob MacCoun, and John Campbell

9/2012 – 5/2013


As constant consumers of information, modern technology makes it more important than ever to know how to parse out the good from the bad. We applied tools from science to decision making to improve the objectivity of students' analyses of information.

As an undergraduate assistant, I helped to develop and teach a new interdisciplinary "Big Ideas" course on rationality, decision making, and public policy with team of 15 academically diverse students.

See a video about the Big Ideas Courses at UC Berkeley here. And here is the course website.

It was probably the most stimulating class I’ve taken at Berkeley. Every class I felt bursting with comments and thoughts that would occupy me for days afterward.
— L&S 22 Student, 2013

Additional Teaching Experience

  • Instructor, ADC Consulting Club Interview Preparation Series, Spring 2018

  • Course Assistant, ME 397 Design Theory and Methodology Seminar, Winter 2018–Present

  • Coach, ME 310 Team FutureWei, 2017–2018